Our Shared Journey

Stories in Paint Mugshot Troy 64At the conclusion of our second date, I told Shelly I loved her and wanted to marry her. I had never felt so sure about anything else in my life before, so I wasn’t hesitant to share my feelings.

I think Shelly was a bit taken aback, yet she agreed to set up a third date. I knew then as I know now, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”



Stories in Paint Bio My Love Artwork

“My Love”
Charcoal Sketch on paper
(Matted and Framed)
25.5″ H X 19.5″ W
Copyright Stories in Paint

Not for Sale

My Love

~ by Troy for Shelly

As I reflect upon the past several months
I’m nearly overwhelmed by the myriad sensory things we’d done
Strolling around an ol’ camp or kneeling on a sliding church house bench
I realize how truly Blessed my life has become

Your beauty and grace are breathtaking
Your presence is enchanting and always filled with fun
You see a day without My Love — Shelly Louise
Would be a day without the sun

You are my forever friend
I treasure our time together
And I will walk with you hand and hand until the end
Thank you for warming my heart

Your Friend,

P.S. May I marry you?

I wrote the poem “My Love” and gave it to Shelly a couple months before our wedding.
She read it at our wedding reception.


Stories in Paint Mugshot Shelly 64Throughout my life, I have always been told Southerners talk slower and move a little less briskly than their northern brethren. I have been around a few Southerners and this description usually fits. When Troy asked if he could marry me after our second date, I said to myself — “Did I just hear what I think I heard?”

Yet, I realized the honestly and sincerity of Troy’s sentiment. I did not give an instant response to his question. Later, he asked about this situation and my rather perplexed expression. I mentioned my hearing was not as keen as it once was and I wasn’t exactly sure of what he had said.”



The Introduction Poem

by Troy

Stories in Paint Bio Troy Shelly Wedding

Our Wedding Photo

Our journey brought us here today
With lots to share and much to say
We’re sorry you missed our wedding
We’ll do better at the next setting

So please accept our post invitation
As we divulge our avocation
To always shed some enlightening
With our various styles of storytelling

Using words or perhaps paint on canvas
We promise to be neat with nothing amiss
And we thank you for being in our audience
Our only request, will you give us a chance?


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