Story Treks

Story Treks for Youngsters

Stories in Paint has designed a unique educational hands-on learning experience for youngsters aged 7 to 11 years old. Emphasizing self-discovery techniques, our team-oriented approach engages every child’s senses while expanding their learning potential.

Topics for Story Treks

  1. Soldiers of the Revolution
  2. Frontiersmen
  3. Military Drill and Marching

Successful Story Treks share the following:

  • Engaged adult participation
  • Disciplined youngsters

The maximum number of youth participants is 50. An adult Squad Leader (Sergeant) is assigned for each group of 10 students. The Sergeants will be outfitted similar to the students and will be engaged throughout the Story Trek experience. Each squad will also have their own Flag Bearer. An adult Company Commandant will be chosen to ensure unit cohesion, encourage spirited competition, and maintain esprit de corps.

Accoutrements provided include the following:

  • 6 Adult-sized clothing/equipment
  • 45 Wooden muskets/rifles
  • 5 Pole-mounted squad flags
  • 50 Colonial-era jackets
  • 50 Colonial-era head gear
  • 50 Wooden cartridge boxes
  • 50 Woven haversacks

Designed primarily as an outdoor presentation, rain or especially wet conditions will limit the availability of historical accoutrements. Local weather forecast will curtail or possibly cancel a Story Trek. A suitable indoor facility is wise contingency planning and is highly recommended.

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