Story Cards


Story Cards are a great way to enjoy quality artwork with a low budget — frame it, display it, or share it! Our Story Cards are 5×7, blank inside with the story printed on the back.

Stories in Paint appreciates the importance of art and culture in our daily lives. Yet, we also have our own first-hand experience with life’s challenges. It is during these hard times when a simple gesture can have a particularly huge impact on our well-being. An example — How many of us get a genuine thrill when we open our actual mailbox and there sits a handwritten letter — a throw back to an earlier time. A forgotten relic from a distant past. Does this have to be the new “Reality”. Here at Stories in Paint, we don’t believe so.

Our High-Quality 5×7 modestly-priced Story Cards will provide the perfect platform to allow your self-expression to shine without braking your budget. Each Story Card is designed to bring a bit of sunshine into your life. If you were so inclined to share a few with your friends, you’ll be helping to spread the sunshine. From our perspective — the world will definitely benefit from this “New” batch of radiant rays. Grab a few Story Cards and feel the warmth!

All cards are 5×7 inch. These include:

Camera ShyDetourFourth of JulyOne More Chance
Crossing OverLiberty's CallPearlie MaeSilent Night