“Pearlie Mae’s Revelation”

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The Audio Narration for this painting was recorded by Shelly’s mom.


Pearlie Maes Revelation

“Pearlie Mae’s Revelation”
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Pearlie Mae was born in rural Western Maryland. In her teens the family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pearlie loved the City! She made friends and they all loved to dance and have fun. She loved pretty clothes, but times were hard and money was scarce. She got a job in a laundry. The pay was low, but on the weekend, she’d take the trolley to Center City and stroll through John Wanamaker’s and Strawbridge & Clothier. She’d sketch the lovely dresses on the manikins and picture herself wearing them. Then she’d buy fabric, thread, lace — whatever was needed to create the clothing she admired. The rest of the weekend was spent working on her mother’s old treadle sewing machine.

5x7 Story Cards Available

5×7 Story Cards Available

Soon, she was ready to join her girl friends who attended dances every weekend. She and her friends had so much fun and Pearlie stood out in the crowd in her lovely clothes. She met an interesting man who drove her around in his Jordan Playboy motor car and showered her with gifts — and another who was a hard-working country boy.

Were wedding bells in her future?

Finally Pearlie Mae’s Revelation was revealed, she was going to get married. She chose the sweet country boy and as the years passed she loved sewing beautiful feed-bag creations for her daughter and granddaughters. Thanks Mom, for all the Happy Memories. ©

This story was written by Joan Cairns Jacobs (2015) — Shelly’s Mom