About Shelly Louise


In her early years, when the other kids were playing with dolls, kicking/throwing and hitting every ball imaginable, Shelly was busy sketching everything she laid her eyes on.

Knee high to the grasshoppers, she got down in their world. In fact, her younger artistic classmates were mighty glad when she graduated from high school, now maybe they would have a chance of winning a few blue ribbons in the art competition at her local hometown fair. This regional recognition led to an Artist-on-Staff position with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Stories in Paint Looking Glass self portrait

“Looking Glass” — Self Portrait
Acrylic on Canvas (Framed)
22.5″ H X 18.5″ W
Copyright Stories in Paint

Not For Sale

Shelly’s wider exposure and bolstered self-confidence as Artist-on-Staff led to numerous commissioned pieces while the depth and scope of her artistic creations broadened.

Years as a Mom

During this time Shelly became a full-time mom — the best job she ever had. Soon after her daughters’ third birthday, she was being immersed in a rather unique yearly experience. They would spend their family vacations at 10-14 day living history events. They’d put away their modern conveniences and step back in time. The time period of pre-1840 would become their temporary way of living. These annual pilgrimages went on for over 20 years.

In Search of Full Time Employment

After her daughter left home, Shelly went in search of full-time work. Cabela’s was opening their Hamburg, Pa facility and chose Shelly to be in charge of their Art Gallery. Shelly stayed with Cabela’s for a little over a year, although itchy feet got the best of her. She made a couple of fairly long relocations — to West Virginia and Alabama. During this unsettled period, Pennsylvania tugged at her heart. Today her roots are back in the rich soil of Lancaster County, Pa.

Stories in Paint Bio Shelly Beach

Shelly gets a chance to go south

Shelly’s Art

For the past 10 years or so, Shelly Louise would describe her art as “Purposeful Painting.” She enjoys telling stories with her paintings. With her husband, they are combining their storytelling passions with a new venture — Stories in Paint.

Some folks might wonder what’s been the pinnacle of my artist career. Was it all of those blue ribbons at my local hometown fair?
“Not quite, I was doing what I enjoyed — drawing and painting.”

How about the years as an Artist-on-Staff with the Pennsylvania Game Commission?
“No, although I made some good friends along the way.”

How about the national magazine cover (MuzzleBlast, Feb 1989)?
“I don’t think so, yet it was a humbling experience.”

Stories in Paint Shelly Louise Shirley Artist

What about the three years I was one of the featured artists at History Meets the Arts — Exhibition at Lord Nelson’s Gallery in Gettysburg, Pa?
“A high point for sure and I was honored to be standing amongst some of the ‘Giants’ in the historical art world — Lee Teter, David Wright, Robert Griffing, John Buxton, Bradley Schmehl and others. I am profoundly thankful to have had this opportunity to ‘share the stage’ with these talented artisans.”

My artistic life has been richly Blessed, I cherish all of the varied memories. So where’s the elusive pinnacle? Well, it hasn’t gotten here yet. All of my artistic experiences have been building blocks to create a solid foundation. I’ve heard it said,

With age comes wisdom….

The Best From Shelly Louise Is Yet To Come!

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