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Troy at Valley Forge

Personalized Tours to Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge is one of the most recognized place names in the United States. The history of the Continental Army’s 6-month encampment is legendary. One observer described the early scene in the camp, “They appeared to be like a family of beavers. Some were carrying logs, others carrying mud and the rest plastering them together . . . .” Find out the identity of this famous encampment visitor on your personalized tour of Valley Forge National Historical Park.

With my educational background and experience as an Interpretive Park Ranger, I am uniquely positioned to provide a memorable visitor experience. It was always my practice to preface my formal Valley Forge NHP programs with the following phrase — “It is an honor and privilege to be a voice for those soldiers who can no longer speak for themselves”.

Our Story Tours will provide a glimpse behind the myths, legends and sometimes misleading stories to get to the heart of this crucial period of the American Revolution. To gain the most from your investment of time, I highly recommend spending a significant amount of time at the park. I will personally be your Story Trek Guide for a minimum 3-hour tour. Unless the weather is extremely foul, I always encourage spending time walking some of the park grounds. When you know a more extensive tour is what you envisioned, I recommend bringing food, water and wearing sturdy shoes. I believe it’s good to get a sense of the strength of the wind, feel the sting of wind-driven rain or leave a few footprints in the snow yourself as you gain a more intense experience of the Valley Forge Encampment.

Providing a blend of enlightenment and education our Story Tours are designed to paint a lasting impression of this memorable scene in your mind’s eye. As you depart from Valley Forge, we’ve accomplished our mission if your heart has a permanently softened spot for these Patriots who sacrificed on this hallowed ground to Forge our young nation.

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