About Troy

bio-slogan-troyBorn and bred in LA (Lower Alabama)

Stories in Paint Bio Troy Beach

Troy likes to nap on the southern beaches

Troy is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a BS in Geology and a MS in Park and Recreation Management.

At Grandpa’s

As a youngster he made many visits to his grandparents and great grannie’s home.

He had no idea the profound impact these visits would have on his future life’s journey. He relishes the fond memories of those long warm evenings sitting out on the front porch.

The scene is forever etched into his mind — the rocking chairs, skeeters, music, hoot owls and the stories from the ol’ days.

He didn’t realize it at the time, this was going to be some of the best “schooling” he would ever receive.

Years in Pennsylvania

Stories in Paint Troy Shirley Storyteller

Troy’s cache of stories now include 25 Pennsylvania years.

His first 8 1/2 years in Pa were spent as an Interpretive Ranger with the National Park Service — stationed at Valley Forge National Historical Park with one memorable 4‑month hitch at Independence National Historical Park working at the Liberty Bell Pavilion.

As an Interpretive Ranger one of his main duties was education. It was like being a teacher with the luxury of having a different parcel of students every day.

Troy always told visitors his job was to tell stories — a responsibility taken seriously. Interacting with many diverse individuals and groups from all over the world, every day was a new challenge.

Time at Valley Forge

Stories in Paint Bio Troy Storytelling at its Best

Storytelling at its best

Having an educational background in science – not history, Troy had to learn on the job really quickly.

Capitalizing on his observation that most visitors wanted to learn more than just the facts about Valley Forge, Troy set out to gather as many documented Valley Forge stories as he could find.

Using primary sources — diaries, letters, journals, military orders, public documents — these became the foundation of his new “schooling.”

With the experience, expertise and help of his fellow park rangers, Troy was setting the foundation for the next stage of his life’s journey.

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