“Detour” – The Charred Cabin


“Detour” — The Charred Cabin
Acrylic on Canvas (Unframed)
18″ H x 24″ W
Copyright by Stories in Paint

For Sale – $800

As we’re making our life journeys, sometimes there are detours put before us. I remember a song by David Wilcox, where he talks about that proverbial fork in the path. When we meet that fork what do we do? We can travel down one of those paths a short distance and keep looking back, ready to run back to the fork and venture down the other path a little way. Yet, where does this non-committed life really get us?

These detours — are they placed before us to slow us down? Perhaps they’re put there on purpose so we’ll be forced to see other things. Often times it’s the road less traveled which leads us to our most cherished memories.

5×7 Story Cards Available

5×7 Story Cards Available

The white chimney stands stark amid the ruins of the charred cabin walls. A monument to the loss . . . . or maybe it’s the starting point of a new mysterious future. I stumbled upon this scene as my planned route was detoured because of road construction. On a backroad in West Virginia this image presented itself. “The Detour” allowed me to capture this scene I would have other wise missed. ©