“One More Chance” — Wolf Sanctuary

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“One More Chance” — Wolf Sanctuary
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Click for Close-Up View of Matted Appearance Details

The roots of this painting run deep, with its conception being around 1990. With all of the due diligence I could muster, I could not come to Peace with it. There was something missing, so I decided to tuck it away. After a passage of nearly a decade, I rediscovered my old
acquaintance. After much contemplation, I decided it was worthy of one more chance. This was going to be an artistic challenge like I’d never faced before. Looking at the painting with fresh eyes, I began to sense where the missing Peace was hiding. Changing the appearance and pose of the main wolf, adding a companion while enriching the feel of their surroundings, the painting started to feel right. The first time Troy saw this painting, he said, “Now, there’s a masterpiece.” I’m not so sure about his assessment, though I’ve grown to appreciate its rugged charm.

Our honeymoon was spent at an 18th Century-era Bed and Breakfast which is also home to a wolf sanctuary. We spent a few hours at the sanctuary watching the activities of the wolves and their handlers. I took a few photos and contemplated my new life. For the two of us, we’re also getting “One More Chance.” We are very thankful . . . .©