“Camera Shy Blues” — A Hard Bargain

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Beagles Puppies The Camera Shy Blues — A Hard Bargain

“Camera Shy Blues” — A Hard Bargain
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Prints Are Available in 14×18 Double-Matted Printed Appearance. Each Print Is Dry Mounted unto a Resilient 1/4 Inch MightyCore® Board with a Protectant UV Coating Applied.

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It’s common practice, when I leave home a camera is usually my companion. Driving along a country road, I stumbled upon a great photographic moment. Slowing the car, I pulled safely off the road. Walking up to the nearest house, I could hear music coming from the porch. I saw several older gentlemen sitting in rocking chairs lost in their tune. As the music subsided, one of them asked “Are you lost pretty lady?” No Sir, just wanted to know if it would be alright if I take a few photographs of your puppies. He said, “Well I guess so. If you don’t mind me asking, what ya gonna do with the photos.” I’m an artist and I paint pictures that tell stories. “Well I’ll be, never heard of nothing quite like that before. Now, let me see if I got this straight, your paintings tell stories.” Yes Sir. “Tell you what — I’ll make a deal with you. If you’ll promise to show me this painting of my puppies when it’s done, you have my permission to take a few photos.” You drive a hard bargain Mister, I guess the terms aren’t too steep.

5×7 Story Cards Available

5×7 Story Cards Available

“Fine, we have a deal.” With those remarks they all got up from their chairs and started in the old cabin door, just as it was about to close. I heard a voice holler out, “take as many photos as you like, I’m trying to break my dogs from being camera shy anyways. A big hearty laugh ensued. ©