“Siesta’s Serenade” — Chasing Her Dreams

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Chasing Her Dreams — Siestas Serenade

“Siesta’s Serenade” — Chasing Her Dreams
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I’ve heard it said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Retirement finally achieved nearly everything was in place — the perfect lake front property, a quaintly designed lakeside cottage, only one thing was missing — the perfect water loving dog.

Correct Breed — Right Color — Extra Wide Paws — Perfect Pedigreed Lineage

With their still wet-inked real estate papers in hand, our couple drove out to the property. Brimming with pride they excitedly let the puppy out of the car. They closed their eyes and listened, listened and listened some more — yet the sound they were awaiting never occurred.

“Oh my, something most terribly must have gone wrong”.

Anxiously rambling down to the lake our couples’ stressed mind was relieved. Apparently the sleeping decoy lulled the puppy into joining in the Siesta Serenade. While our puppy was Chasing Her Dreams, ducks apparently weren’t in the mix. The couple decided then and there to name their puppy “Siesta”. ©