“Help Wanted” — Rules Change

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“Help Wanted” — Rules Change
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Many of the farms near our home share a common feature — cats. These “mousers” provide a much needed barn-yard service to the farmers. If you ever visit our county, you’ll see thousands of barns dotting the landscape. With so many local farms, I’ve actually been told the unemployment rate for cats is practically zero!

Many older Lancaster County folk who spent their early years on the farm, knew all of the “farm rules”. One of these was — “Mousers are not to be brought into the house”. I know one such gentleman, he’s my Dad.

I’ve heard it said, “Cats claim their people”. This story seems to verify this statement. Affectionate and playful, this stray gray tabby kitten quickly accepted the invitation to get in out of the cold. It wasn’t long before she warmed the hearts of her people.

It always amazes me when I see this warm furry creature all hunkered down and nestled in Dad’s lap — Rules Change.

“I sure hope some feline responds to my request. I’m not 100% sure, yet I think there might be a mouse nearby. Folks, I ain’t no Mouser anymore”! ©

P.S. If you look along the top edge of the green-colored book you might . . . . click the image to find out.

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