“Lady in the Moon”

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Lady in the Moon

“Lady in the Moon”
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On a clear cool evening at my folk’s house, a magical moment was shared. There was an outside light streaming through the window which seemed eerily too bright. I peered out the window and instantly realized the source of the brilliant luminosity. The powerful heavenly beam drew me outside like a moth drawn by a flame. Studying the delicate features on the distant orb, there was something very different this night. I stepped back into the house to get my Mom. Standing by my side, we remained speechless for several minutes. Finally I said, “Mom — I’ve always heard about the Man in the Moon — The Smiling Face tonight is definitely feminine.” As we later reflected on this magical evening, we both realized neither of us had ever experienced this phenomenon before. I feel extremely Blessed to have shared this “Lady in the Moon” with my Mom. Ever since then, we’ve been hoping our “Lady” will return. If you happen to see Her — please ask if she can come back and visit with us one more time. ©