“Horse Trading” — Letting Go Of Old Habits

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Horse Trading Cabin in the Woods

“Horse Trading”
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The older gentleman had lived the last 50 years nestled comfortably in the rich earthy aroma of this log cabin. He had grown to relish his freedom and independence. Yet, father time was catching up — he had recently celebrated reaching his 10th decade. “Only old people get old”, he always exclaimed. Was his Southern Philosophy still sound or did he just keep repeating what he wanted to hear?

Sometimes it takes a stranger to change our perspective . . . . “Ma’am are ya funning me, I aint no charity case”. “No Sir, I’m very serious — I’d like to buy your cabin”. (This conversation continued for quite some Southern time . . . . ).

Finally, the horse trading subsided and a price was announced . . . .

Miss Emilie knew a lot about horse trading, although she had never owned a horse in her life. More importantly, she understood “Letting Go Of Old Habits”. You see, our older gentleman had been contemplating moving into the “modern” doublewide of his youngest daughter. We heard the transition was seamless.

This 18 x 24 historic cabin (circa 1784) with a 1/2 loft isn’t exactly what most modern folk are in search of, yet for Miss Emilie it was perfect. The cabin was dismantled and lovingly restored to its’ original charm. After it was nestled upon its’ new foundation, Miss Emilie could watch the wind gently sway the front porch rocking chairs as she peered out from her kitchen sink window. Who would have thought $2000 could buy this view?

Miss Emilie shared her cabin with us, we’re grateful for her kindness. ©