“The Looking Glass” – Self Portrait

“Looking Glass” — Self Portrait
Acrylic on Canvas (Framed)
22.5″ H X 18.5″ W
Copyright Stories in Paint

Not For Sale

No one at the sale wanted the old mirror. Some said it wouldn’t go with their modern decor, yet for me it was perfect — I had an idea . . . .

Every time I gazed into the mirror’s surface, my thoughts would drift to an earlier time — I sorta became mesmerized. I had always thought my rather unique life path was of my own choosing . . . . the books I read, the music I listened to, and the fact I always needed to keep my hands busy. All of these daily activities harked back to an earlier time.

After many years it dawned on me, I was probably born in the wrong time period.

The old mirror graced the spot above my dresser and my idea finally came into focus . . . . “The Looking Glass” became the canvas for my self portrait. ©