“Old Swords” – 30 Year Reunion

“Old Swords” – 30 Year Reunion
Acrylic on Pastelbord™
16″ H x 12″ W
Copyright Stories in Paint

Not for Sale

The year was 1813.

I vividly remember the recruiting sergeant regaling us with soldier stories extolling the virtues of soldiering. The descriptions of enchanted lands and the thrill of military victories were powerful indeed. All of these stories proved to be true, although most of these were only experienced in fleeting moments. The long fatiguing marches, the indescribable thirst, the pain of hunger, bouts of homesickness and the loss of dear friends was almost too much to bear at times — the sergeant failed to mention these realities. Yet, I was young, stout, robust and resilient.

Standing taller than the musket assured my enlistment in the infantry, although I had barely reached my 14th year. Over the next 8 1/2 years, I became a man. You could say I grew up in the army.

Thirty years had past, I was finally ready for this journey. Bespeckled in my elegant 30-year-old homecoming uniform, I set my course for the reunion. For old times sake, I left my horse in the stable and set out on foot. After all there was only a couple hundred miles separating me from my “Old Swords”. The walk will do me good. ©