“Pink Lily on the Pond”

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Lilies on the Pond

“Lily on the Pond”
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Prints Are Available in 14×18 Double-Matted Printed Appearance. Each Print Is Dry Mounted unto a Resilient 1/4 Inch MightyCore® Board with a Protectant UV Coating Applied.

Click for Close-Up View of Matted Appearance Details

Click for Close-Up View of Matted Appearance Details

Do artists “see” things differently from other people? A friend of mine said she wonders what it’d be like to “see” the world through my eyes. Sometimes I’m inspired by a grand vista and other times I may focus on a small object. One thing is for sure, I don’t have to venture far to find an interesting subject to paint. A quiet country setting with open views and stunning sunsets were highlights indeed. The grassy meadow was bordered by the woods and provided the perfect refuge for a wide assortment of fauna and flora. Yet, the scene was missing one key ingredient — water. To remedy this situation, a pond would be designed and built. Many would probably agree sitting by a pond’s edge can be both relaxing and therapeutic. With the addition of a small fountain, this would also help to maintain a calm setting. As all of the design elements began to coalesce, the topic of aqueous plant life took center stage. Numerous excursions to the local nursery provided the foundational expertise of our budding knowledge base. Eventually all opinions and options were considered. Agreement was reached — water lilies were to be highlighted. These beautiful lilies brought much solace to my heart, I hope they can do the same for you.©

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