“Steady Aim” — Dad’s Voice

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“Steady Aim” — Dad’s Voice
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Click for Close-Up View of Matted Appearance Details

Click for Close-Up View of Matted Appearance Details

There was a time when your aim might be the difference between life or death. When confronted by a wild beast with little margin for error, a slow steady heart beat was essential. Years of running the woods and learning the ways of the animals prepared our longhunter for this fateful day. Reciting what his Dad always preached, it was time for graduation. Slowly breathing, focusing and remaining calm was critical. Though chaos was reigning, our longhunter could faintly hear his father’s voice in his head — “Son, Steady Aim”. As the smoke lifted, the scene was revealed . . . .

All of the rifleman’s schooling had paid off.

This still life painting took several months to finish. I was fortunate to be granted permission to use these highly-regarded reproduction items in my painting. These fine handcrafted museum-quality pieces were made by two of the best friends I have ever had — Wayne Watson (master gunsmith) and Tom Ames (master of many 18th Century skills). I’m indebted to these fine gentlemen and mighty proud to call them — My Friend. ©

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Verse on powder horn:

“My side was pierced by the antlered stag whose hide doth give me life once more.”