Uniquely Qualified; Rare Skill

It has been a great pleasure to have known Troy and Shelly Shirley for several years. They are a remarkable couple whom God is using in a very special way for the benefit of the nation and both are uniquely qualified for the task. Troy, as a former Valley Forge National Historical Park Interpretive Ranger, knows View Full →

Best for You Both

“If you wish to use this bit of history-put-to-form, you are welcome. The title “Weight in Gold” suits. I wish the best for you both in all things in Life. Oak does too.”

Wonderful, Superb and Realistic

“Before we retired from our frame shop and studio gallery, we had the pleasure of framing Shelly’s paintings for over 25 years. Wonderful, superb and ‘realistic’ are the words we have always used to describe Shelly’s varied artwork. We’re now enjoying her artwork in our own home today.”

Unique Experience

“Your kindness has provided us with a unique experience of looking into the eyes of a happening that occurred in our own backyard.”


“It is amazing how Washington and his men managed to live through the war. If I was Washington I would have been a real tired man.”

Best Field Trip

“The kids said it was the best field trip they ever had. We had a great day.”