Thanks For Joining Us On Our Journey

Troy-Shelly-JourneyJanuary 19th, 2015

Our First Blog Post —

Since we don’t know the “Rules of Blogging”, we’ll just speak from the heart.  Our website journey has finally reached its’ destination.  Although in reality it’s just beginning . . . .  Arriving to this point has taken far longer than we ever imagined, yet we’ve made some new acquaintances which have blessed our lives immeasurably.

We realize there’s much to digest on our website and appreciate the time you invest in learning more about us and Stories in Paint.  You’ll soon discover we’re Old School, so we’ll ask for your patience as we approach this rather steep “New School” learning curve.

Collectively, it has taken us over 100 years to get to this juncture in our lives.  We’ve lived a little and learned a couple of things along the way.  There’s one thing we’d like for you to know, this website is a stepping stone to an even grander endeavor — As we move forward, we’ll share more about this future project.

Your Friends,

Troy and Shelly Louise Shirley