“The Escape” — Music to His Ears

“The Escape” — Music to His Ears
Frosted Hand-blown Glass
Painted in Acrylic
Palm-sized Globe
Protective Coating

For Sale: $225

While playing outside with my dog, I caught a quick glimpse of a wild animal scampering across the backyard. My dog’s focus was on the Frisbee in my hand, so I heaved the disc as far as I could in the direction opposite the new visitor.

For a brief moment our eyes locked, and then the startled fox dropped it’s prey and headed into the woods.

My free-spirited artistic mind filed this scene away for later use.

Foxes like many other animals are hunters. Yet, they themselves can be the object of a very elaborate hunting chase. The hunting horn plays homage to this event.

On this Story Globe, the fox makes “The Escape” as he bounds through the hunters’ horn. I suspect this was Music to His Ears. ©