“The Revolving Story” — The Purr-fect Choice

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The Revolving Story — The Purr-fect Choice

“The Revolving Story” —
The Purr-fect Choice

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I’ve spent nearly a quarter of my adult life selling fine furniture. Working with “real” people, I strive to help my clients enrich their indoor living spaces. “Everyone has a story”, is a familiar refrain. I will share one — “The Revolving Story”. Focusing on an older couple with their family rearing responsibilities behind them, they could concentrate on their passions — family, friends, community, stray cats and books. Each of them have their favorite reading chair and a cat always in search of their next napping spot. As a sales associate these are important details to know. The lady’s chair had to rock (several great grand babies), had to be able to adjust to various positions for movie watching and it had to recline to accommodate some serious napping sessions. Yet, there was two deal breakers — this chair must swivel and provide the perfect platform for the cats to watch the bird feeder. This revolving chair had all of the perfect features and as my depiction details the great grandson and the cats agree it was “The Purr-fect Choice. This scene is endearing to me because it’s in my parents home. ©