“The Sweet Aroma” — A Pipe Dream?

“The Sweet Aroma” — A Pipe Dream?
Frosted Hand-blown Glass
Painted in Acrylic
Palm-sized Globe
Protective Coating

For Sale: $175

The night was Christmas Eve.

As a youngster, she eagerly anticipated the sound of rooftop sleigh bells and reindeer hooves. Shucked corn covered the porch and a plate of freshly baked cookies graced the kitchen table. Colorful crayoned drawings created for Mom and Dad were secretly tucked out of sight. Sleep wouldn’t come easily for her, there was too much excitement. The Book of Stories made its appearance, several stories were selected. Her eyes started to blink slowly, the pace quickened . . . . Mom tucked her in with a kiss and turned off the light.

Mom and Dad knew several hours of work was ahead. By early morning, wooden hand-painted gifts had magically appeared under the Christmas tree.

Was this a Pipe Dream?

I can still smell “The Sweet Aroma” . . . . ©