“Training Day” — A Balancing Act

training day painting with horse riding colonial dress

“Training Day” — Balancing Act
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Training Day painting horse riding colonial dress corner close up

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Wanting to do a painting of a lady riding sidesaddle and being comfortable around horses, I thought I’d be my own model. Owning the proper 18th Century riding habit, I just needed a couple of other ingredients. Namely a proper horse, a sidesaddle and a trainer. One fine afternoon everything fell into place, my “Training Day” had finally arrived.

A beautiful chestnut colored Morgan was my steed. For my safety consideration, the trainer exercised my mount prior to my arrival. My daughter watched as we slowly started to move forward, and I mean slowly. Having some traditional riding experience, I wondered how challenging sidesaddle would be. I found out real quickly . . . .

I have a great appreciation for those fine equestrian women riders of yesteryear. They were not content to simply ride along in a horse-driven carriage — they were brave and strong women.

So how did I do? I kept my seat and maintained my balancing act. This was definitely an experience I will never forget. Oh yea, I’m pretty proud of the painting, hope you like it! ©

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