“Weight in Gold” — Golden Retriever Pet Portrait


“Weight in Gold” — Pet Portrait
Acrylic on Pastelbord™
12″ H x 16″ W
Copyright by Stories in Paint

Not for Sale

Belonging to a long-time friend of mine, Oak has been a faithful companion for his family for over 10 years. A great traveling partner, Oak’s journeys are numerous and extensive. This painting was made possible because of a photograph my daughter took some years ago. I always liked the regal persona of Oak’s pose. I spoke with the owner recently and asked if it would be OK to include it on our website.

A man of few words, Brian answered “Sure.”

While Oak is beginning to head toward his golden years, his loyalty and steadfastness has proven to be much greater than his “Weight in Gold.”

The following email is from Oak’s owner. Brian writes:

If you wish to use this bit of history put to form, you are welcome. The world is full of people blessed having the chance to share their lives with animals of exceptional worth. The title “Weight in Gold” suits. My buddy’s name is Oak, short and different. He is as solid in nature as his namesake. We have been running the woods, and he is still in his apprenticeship in the shop for the past 10 years. Gini picked him out for my birthday in 2004 and brought him home while we were still living in the upstairs of my shop while building the house. The little bugger was only 6 weeks old and at the end of the week I had a talk/presentation in Indiana that he rode along with me in the truck. After taking that trip, just the two of us with no accidents on the trip, we were bonded for life, either his or mine. It wasn’t until after we received his papers that I noticed that he was born on the same day my father passed away: same day, same year. Not that I hold to reincarnation but if so he helped fill a spot of happiness that needed healed. Gin told me that I needed a dog and before he came I told her “I don’t need no Dog.” I was Wrong. It has been a good run, for me and Oak. While sitting here my old buddy came over to see if he was OK with what I wrote. I wish the best for you both in all things in Life. Oak does too. Hope this helps. Take care, Brian