“What’s for Supper?”

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“What’s for Supper”
Copyright by Stories in Paint

Prints Are Available in 12×12 Single-Matted Printed Appearance. Each Print Is Dry Mounted unto a Resilient 1/4 Inch MightyCore® Board with a Protectant UV Coating Applied.

This hand-me down creel accompanied my Dad on numerous fishing adventures for over 40 years. No doubt the decades of fishy aroma attracted the investigated skills of this four legged bruin. Blending several photographs, I was able to paint this fanciful scene.

I’ve always been interested in challenging myself in my creative pursuits. This venture of turning a ordinary piece of furniture into a fine piece of artwork was a challenge I enjoyed. I’m very pleased with the results. I’m most thankful to Isaac for his craftsmanship in applying a protective finish to my work. This stool is now a fine piece of artwork to enhance the living environment of your home.

You may notice the creel is apparently empty, yet the lost trout can be found on the outer rim of the stool’s top. So I wonder who’s asking the question, What’s for Supper? ©

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