“You’re My Bride” – Portrait of Troy’s Parents

“You’re My Bride” — Portrait of Troy’s Parents
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
30″ H x 22″ W
Copyright Stories in Paint

Not For Sale

This painting of Troy’s parents stirs deep powerful emotions within me. It’s hard to choose the right words to describe the circumstances behind it. As I was working on it, I shared my thoughts with several associates of mine. In each instance, the tears started flowing and they said to me, “When you finish this painting, please let me know — I really want to see it”.

My Deep Southern Philosophical husband sure does loves his parents. I’ve never known a grown man that would call and talk to his Mom for hours at a time. Yet, Troy did this nearly every weekend — he’d also chat with his Dad a bit too. Being over a 1000 miles apart, the phone kept their connection strong. He also did his best to visit them as time allowed.

My painting attempts to capture the most amazing sunset and touching human event I have ever witnessed. Walking hand in hand, Mom and Dad Shirley were traversing the pier as the waning beams of Phoebus were descending into the water’s horizon. Troy and I were following at a distance, my camera dangled off my wrist. Their movement ceased and with a quiet voice I heard Dad say, “Maude Ellen You’re My Bride, You’ve Always Been My Bride and I Love You”. Then Dad said, “You’re not going to leave me now, are ya?” After a bit of a pause, Mom said, “Eugene, I guess not after all of these years”. They had recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Mom Shirley lived for over a year after this special evening. She passed in her sleep a couple of days before Christmas as a small church group was singing Silent Night. ©